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Nowadays finding all points of interest in your current vicinity is easy – almost every cell phone, every navigation system and many many websites offer this functionality.

But what is “in your vicinity”, how is it defined?

  1. Still many websites and systems use the direct distance “as the crow flies”. This works reasonably well in urban environments, but fails immediately when there is a river, a rail road etc. between you and the point-of-interest. The way you have to take to reach the POI is much longer, than the shortest line on the map.
  2. A much better approach is to actually calculate the path to take and thus calculate the real distance. A lot of navigation systems are able to do that for car navigation.

If your are walking or going by car, these solutions are totally sufficient. But what about public transport? Navigation by using public transport is much more complex than it seems:

  1. What you can reach and what not strongly depends on the day and the time of day.
  2. Distant destinations are sometimes easy and fast to reach. On the contrary, a very close destination might take hours to go to by public transport.
  3. Customers using public transport are not just interested in the travel time (like when traveling by car) but also want to know the number of transfers, train types, prices, number of connections per day, whether they can bring a bike or whether the station and the train is accessible for disabled people and many more. This requires a so called “multi-modal” search instead of a simple path-search.


The website Arrlee is driven by our ultra-fast real-time engine. In few milliseconds it can calculate all connections to all stations around a particular departure station. For example, the search for all stations in one hour distance around Zurich/Switzerland main station takes roughly 50 milliseconds. This includes not only trains but also street cars, buses, ferries and many more types of public transport – and Zurich main station is one of the busiest stations in the world!

Arrlee-Engine License

The arrlee-engine offers a flexible search to all surrounding stations and points-of-interest (single-source shortest path). Calculated information contains the travel time, number of transfers and possible walking distances from the arrival station to a point-of-interest. Departure date and time of day can be chosen freely.

As of today we are supporting following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

Following interfaces are available, further can be realized on request:

  • RESTful Webservice using JSON
  • C++ shared library for direct linking against your application

The engine can be licensed to use on your website. Please contact us for more information.

Arrlee Matrix-Data License

The matrix data offers a simple and easy to implement way of enhancing your website or application with a public transport nearby-search. The matrix consists of pre-computed distances between a number of points or areas. Areas can be defined by overlaying a map with a regular grid or by defining arbitrarily shaped polygons, such as zip-code areas – you are free to choose.

For each area the data contains distances to all surrounding areas reachable within an arbitrary time or with an arbitrary number of transfers. The shortest time between two areas is defined by the shortest time between any of the stations inside the two areas.


Area “1” contains three stations. The shortest distances to area 2, 4 and 5 have different departure stations, whereas the shortest distance to area 3 and 5 have the same departure station. Also arrival stations in a single area can differ, depending on the departure area: the shortest distances between area 1→4 and 2→4 have different arrival stations in area 4.

As of today we are supporting following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

The matrix-data can be delivered as CSV or XML. When you need it in a customized format, we are also able to help you.
Each data set represents the shortest distances on a previously chosen date and on a chosen daytime. To limit the number of calculated distances, it is also necessary to specify a time limit (up to 6 hours).

Please contact us for further information and prices.

Product comparison

Feature Arrlee Engine Arrlee Matrix-Data
Choose travel date yes fixed*
Choose travel time yes fixed*
Maximum travel time yes fixed*
Maximum number of transferes yes fixed*
Accuracy maximum limited
Ease of implementation more complex very easy
  • “fixed” means, you choose the parameter when ordering the data and we deliver the matrix data according to these parameters